Dancing in the Moonlight

A classic hit written by Sherman Kelly. Originally recorded by Boffalongo in New York, the tune was re-arranged and recorded by King Harvest in Paris in 1972. In 1973 King Harvest’s version stayed on the Billboard Top 40 charts for 22 weeks in the USA. The song has been covered by everyone from Lisa Minelli to the Baha Men to Alyson Stoner on her new Disney DVD “Space Buddies”. England’s Toploader recorded a version that did well in Europe in 2001. Van Morrison is often credited with a cover version which he never did  – a confusion with his hit Moondance.  The King Harvest hit has been used in TV commercials for Space.com, Hanes, Fidelity Investments, Wal-Mart, and Esta The (Italy). King Harvest’s original version was made available digitally for the first time on i-Tunes in January 2007. Numerous videos on YouTube have used the recording for their soundtrack. Recent reports from  http://youtube.com/kingharvestmusic  show an increasing number of young listeners who are discovering the magic of King Harvest’s Dancing in the Moonlight for the first time, continuing it’s timeless positivity and cross-generation appeal.

Browse King Harvest’s discography at https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/king-harvest/id141731807


3 thoughts on “Dancing in the Moonlight

  1. I enjoyed your brief history of Dancin’ in the Moonlight. The King Harvest recording is magical in how positive it effects people when they hear it. The sound of the electric piano supports the timbre of the lead vocal in a very happy way. This combined with the melody, words, and harmony, make it an unforgettable, uplifting musical experience.

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